Andrew Heath Band

Andrew and Christen Heath both grew up in families committed to leading others to worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth. Their backgrounds collided on the campus of Oklahoma State University where they met leading worship at Overflow, a weekly worship gathering for thousands of Oklahoma State students. 

They now reside in Tulsa, OK where they continue to create environments for people to worship God through music. Their ministry has stretched to cities beyond the United States as churches from around the world have incorporated their music into their worship sets. In addition to their ministry leading for camps, retreats and conferences, Andrew serves as one of the Worship Pastors for theChurch at their Midtown location in Tulsa, OK. 

Their songs "God with Us" and "Run" have each been featured in Worship Leaders Magazine's "Song DISCovery". Additionally, "Run" was voted top 5 new worship song in 2011 by, an online resource for worship leaders and musicians.